Who Would ? Tom Wood !

BIG WELCOME to Tom Wood, who joins the Favour & Fortune Family.

It didn’t take long for Tom’s passion for skateboarding and education?/#! Hang on a minute… He’s a teacher who skates… Right…

Like I was saying, Tom’s passion for teaching and skating shone through right off the bat, travelling to distant lands to spread the love of the A,B,C’s and laying down phat tricks.

Working together we want to share the joy of skateboarding to the most deprived communities around the world.


Skateboard England CEO, James Hope-Gill: “We’re excited to announce the launch of the UK Championships. The most talented skateboarders from around the country will compete in the first event and with Olympic qualification points at stake, it is set to be one of the highlights in the skateboarding calendar.”.

Through educational, sporting and development opportunities, “Learn Achieve Become” help to improve the quality of live for disadvantaged individuals and communities around the world.

They create both temporary and permanent projects, working with local partners to ensure they can provide long term, sustainable benefits.