Following the acquisition of Supra Footwear Company along with brand Kr3w, as part of the takeover of their parent company K-Swiss back in July 2019.

In May 2019, Xtep disclosed that it was acquiring 100% of the outstanding shares of E-Land Footwear USA Holdings Inc., the owner of K-Swiss and Palladium brands for a cash consideration of $260 million or approximately HK$2 billion. E-Land Footwear USA also owns the Supra brand and two sub-brands, PLDM and KR3W which Xtep plans to dispose post-acquisition.

We’ll be watching this story as it unfolds, and update this post with any additional information that emerges. If the rumour proves to be true, RIP to the brand that brought us some of the most epic tour videos of all time.

UPDATE 11.19.19: According to his latest Instagram post, Jim Greco’s 14-year relationship with Supra will be ending as of January 2020. At this point, it’s safe to say that the rumour has been confirmed. Read more about Greco’s future footwear plans below.

UPDATE 10.22.19: Muska’s IG post from yesterday make things at Supra seem dicey at best. We’ll continue to update as this story unfolds.


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  1. Did anything ever come of this? I still can’t get over the fact I will never be able to buy another Skytop model. Literally the only shoe and brand I’ve worn in 13 years. Do Muska or Greco have any similar styles since released or anything in the pipeline?

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