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Founded in 2017, we aim to reach hundreds, thousands, and eventually millions of people with our services . Our slogan ‘education without boundaries’ is reflective of our attitude: we’re open and accessible to everyone, with no exclusions. 
We believe that in our day and age, charities have lost their way. Instead of focusing on their beneficiaries, they have become huge & lucrative forms of business, more concerned with meeting targets and gaining a social media following than the effectiveness of their work. CEO’s are living on 6 figure salaries, whilst advocating for social change… Something about this just doesn’t add up. Realising this, a group of young social entrepreneurs founded Learn Achieve Become, and have since lead the organisation to work on multiple worldwide projects. As a registered UK charity, Learn Achieve Become intends to to remain different: we’re a small & accountable organisation, and we always want to stay that way, making sure that any donations, grants or funds we receive are spent on our various projects around the world.
Through taking a range of volunteers, we’re able to increase our overall effectiveness. Volunteering for Learn Achieve Become can offer you new and exciting opportunities – helping to kick-start a real change in your life. From coaching skateboarding in Nicaragua, to educating people with disabilities in rural Madagascar. From saving street-children in Kenya, to teaching people to read and write in a remote village in Guatemala, the opportunities we offer our volunteers are diverse, effective & cost-efficient. 

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